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We use cookies on our website for an optimal browsing experience

This Cookies Policy describes the type of cookies  we use on our virtual platform.

1) What is a cookie?

Browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari allow users to access the Internet, and then navigate through several websites. Each time this happens, these browsers send a data file called "cookie" to your electronic device which is stored in your device.

2) Purpose of cookies

Cookies improve the performance of a website, to let users have a pleasant and simple browsing experience. Depending on the type of cookie, these can save your login data, store your configuration preferences, allow the website to load faster, among other features.

3) Cookies categories from our virtual platform

Our website has first-party and third-party cookies that belong to providers such as Google, Prestashop, Meta, among others.

Regarding third-party cookies, we recommend you to check the privacy and/or cookie policies of the providers that generate and manage them. This will allow you to review and analyze their policies, service conditions, purpose and use of these cookies, in addition to knowing how providers obtain your consent.

You must bear in mind that we are not the owners of these cookies, so we do not control the services that these providers offer.

Therefore, we use the following categories of cookies on our website:



Strictly Necessary Cookies

These are cookies that are essential for the functionality of our website. Example: Cookies that allow users to log into a website.

Targeting cookies

These are cookies that help us show you personalized advertising content according to your preferences.

Functional cookies

These cookies let the website remember and store information about the way our platform looks, depending on the settings you have previously made as an user.

Secure cookies

These are cookies that identify risks regarding the security of the website and its users.

Persistent cookies

These are cookies that store and remember the login details of your account on our website.

Analytics cookies

These cookiesimprove the website through anonymous statistical analysis that evaluates the content of the website.

Third Party Cookies

These are cookies from external security or data analysis providers that allow us to understand the activity of a website.

Strictly necessary cookies, secure cookies and persistent cookies are essential cookies, as they allow a proper performance of the website.

4) instructions for the cookies settings

As a user of our website, you can request us to deactivate, block or delete cookies whenever you want to. In the case you do not agree with the use of cookies that we make, you can configure them through the cookies banner that is located at the beginning of our website.

You can also block cookies, activate the non-tracking option, or delete your browsing data (including cookies) from the settings of the browser you are using to access our virtual platform.

Each browser has a procedure to configure cookies for web pages, so you should review the options and functionalities offered by the browser you are using.

In the following table, you can access to the links of some commonly used browsers, that show you how to configure the cookies:



Google Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer 


Microsoft Edge


You should consider that we have no responsibility for the management and/or configuration of third-party cookies. If you want to know how to configure these cookies, you should review the privacy policies, service conditions, purpose and use of cookies of these providers.

5) Consequences regarding the management of cookies

The management of cookies can affect the browsing on our virtual platform. If you want to block or disable some cookies on our website, you must bear in mind that this could impact its functionality.

6) Consent for cookies

By entering our website and accepting our Cookies Policy, you declare that you agree with all the aspects that have been exposed in this Policy, in addition to giving us your authorization to use all the categories of cookies that we have indicated in section 3, in accordance with the purposes indicated above.

If you want to manage the cookies, we will understand that you are revoking the consent given by accepting the Policy.

Likewise, you should consider that we do not manage third-party cookies, so you should review the policies, conditions of use, and purpose of the cookie providers..

7) Validity and updates of the Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Cookie Policy based on legal provisions or due to our own criteria.


Last update: October 11, 2022.