White (name) and Black (back)
  • White (name) and Black (back)
  • White (name) and Black (back)
  • White (name) and Black (back)
  • White (name) and Black (back)

White (name) and Black (back)

PVC card with built-in NFC chip (near-field communication) and digital print.


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Data sheet

White on the name side and black on the reverse
8.5cm x 5.4cm

How does it work?

GONET.WORK cards have a built-in NFC chip which, by proximity to a smartphone, will open the profile associated with the card. This profile may include all the information you want to share and the user will be able to save your contact and write you back with just a button.

Which smartphones are compatible?

NFC chips work on any smartphone (Android and IOS) manufactured since 2018. To use your card in older models, you can always scan the QR code printed in the back with any smartphone camera.You can test the chip by bringing your card close to the device. If your profile does not appear automatically, try scanning the QR for the same purpose.

What are the cards made of?

Depending on the model, our cards are manufactured with highly durable materials: PVC, wood or metal. They all have a built-in NFC chip to activate the proximity functionality.

How long do they last?

GONET.WORK cards are manufactured with high quality materials which, in normal conditions, have an unlimited lifespan.

Do users need to download an app?

You just need an internet connection. No apps are needed to make the card work.

Does the card work in any country?

Yes, the card works in any place with an internet connection.

Where can I complete the information I want to share?

By purchasing a GONET.WORK card, you will receive instructions to login to our platform, where you´ll be able to complete the information you want. It´s fast, easy and very intuitive.

Can I update, change or hide information in my profile?

Yes, you can do all that in a matter of seconds and the updates will be shown on your profile in real time.

Is my information secure?

Definitely. You decide what to show on your public profile and we don´t share your info with third parties. For more information, check our Privacy Policies.

For more questions about the card you can consult Here

How can I buy a card?

Choose the model that suits your style in our on-line shop, type the name and position you want to be printed on the card, complete the delivery instructions and choose a payment method. Shipping is free, worldwide!.Once the transaction is confirmed, you´ll get further instructions in your e-mail.If you need help to make a purchase, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you ship to any country or city?

Yes, we ship worldwide for free!

How long will it take for my card to be delivered?

Shipping times will depend on the country and they can range from 5 to 30 days since the purchase. We will do our best to reach as fast as possible.Feel free to ask for the status of your delivery through our contact channels.

Do you make changes or refunds?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you receive a defective product, we will replace it with no additional cost. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can ask for a reimbursement within 7 days of receving the product. For more information, please check our Changes and Reimbursement policies.

Are there any hidden costs?

You only need to pay for the card(s) once. The purchase includes unlimited access to our software to create and share your profile.

Do I need to pay for a subscription?

No, you only need to pay once for the card. It includes unlimited access to our software to create or modify your profile.

What do I have to do after the purchase?

Once the transaction is confirmed and your card is printed, you´ll receive instructions through your e-mail to complete your profile.Remember you can always contact us for any inquiries.

Can you generate an invoice?

Yes. You can ask for one at the checkout or contact us for any inquiries.

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